Support for Aufero Laser 1

More beginner-friendly, no assembly

Support for Aufero Laser 1
  • Engrave Area: 180mm x 180mm
  • Construction Material: Aluminum Profile + Acrylic
  • Motherboard: OLM-PRO-V1.2 Motherboard,32Bits ESP32MCU
ProductAufero Laser 1
MotherboardOLM-PRO-V1.2 Motherboard,32Bits ESP32MCU
FirmwareOLF-V180 series Firmware
Safety Features1. Active Position Protection
2. Exposure Duration Detection and Limitation
3. Laser Beam Safety Guard
4. 24V Power Delivery System
5. Power control system, if shutdown the machine, it would cut the power.
Frame MaterialsAluminum Profile + Acrylic
MotorsNEMA 17 Stepper Motors
Mechanical PrecisionY:12.5um, X:12.5um
Pixel AccuracyAdjustable (Default: 300 pixels per inch, about 0.81um Pixel Accuracy)
Engraving Area180mm×180mm
Available Laser ModulesLU2-2 Laser Module
(Real Luminous Power: 1,000-1,600mw)
LU2-4-SF Short Focus Laser Module
(Real Luminous Power: 4,500-5,500mw)
LU2-4-LF Long Focus Laser Module
(Real Luminous Power: 4,500-5,500mw)
Every 50 hours of use, please clean the lens with a medical cotton swab and alcohol.
Wave Length445±5nm
FocusFixed Focus
Default Focal Length50mm (from the heat sink to the object)
Control ModePWM
Power RateS0-S1,000
Engraving Speed0-5,000mm/min
Baud Rate115200 – 921600 (Default: 115200)
Computer OSWin XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10 (LaserGRBL)
Mac and Linux (LightBurn)
Control SoftwaresLaserGRBL (free), LightBurn (Paid Software)
Input FormatJPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, SVG, etc.
Available Materials of EngravingFood, MDF, Paperboard, Black Acrylic, Leather, Stainless Steel, Power Coated Metal, Stone, etc.
Available Materials of CuttingPlywood, Pine Board, Paperboard, Black Acrylic, Leather, Felt Cloth, etc.
Input Voltage110V-220V (Compatible)
Power Adapter Output24V/2A
Operating Temp-20℃-50℃