The Very Best Wedding Band
Engraving Ideas in 2024

Looking for a new style of wedding band engraving ideas this year? Well, we got you, as this article breaks down the very best 5 engraving ideas, which we think you will love.

Wedding + Engraving

That special day is one that everyone wants to make and celebrate in the best possible way, and personalization in the wedding ceremony makes a difference. Wedding bands or rings with engraved names, birth-dates, and wedding dates are one of the most common ways to add this personalization, and we all love it.

Whether you want to go with something conventional or something new, we recommend to not rushing into something without research as this is engraving we are talking about on very expensive jewelry. Spend some time on selecting a design that will remain relevant for years. Your wedding bands are not merely pieces of jewel; rather, they are precious metals that narrate your story, and are with you hence, close to your soul. Well, this is our take on wedding band engraving ideas and we think that the below-mentioned are the best ones to try in the year 2024 and beyond:

1. Important Dates

The wedding date is one of the most common and widely used jewelry engraving ideas, and its trend will continue to top in 2024. It makes sense because the date of this special day will always remind you of all the special moments you spent together as a couple. This is also important because, down the road in life, people forget these memories, and this date engraved on the band will always take you back to that special date.

People also choose to engrave other special dates like birthdates, the day they met, etc., and the common format for such dates is 01/01/2024 or Jan 01, 2024. No matter which year, the date of the wedding day never goes wrong and will give you that special feeling when wearing the wedding band.

2.IPhone Memojis

Emojis are everywhere in our lives, but iPhone Memojis bring out your personality and imitate real life you. In recent trends, people have started to engrave their memojis on wedding bands and other wedding jewelry, like bracelets, with the memojis of their partners, which we think is one of the best wedding band engraving ideas to try in 2024. This is surely a new and fun way of personalizing, and it is something unique as well.

Make sure that the laser engraver you use for such detailed and small-scale engraving is capable of doing so. For this, we recommend using the LM3 laser engraver, which is ultra-precise and packs a high-power laser, to make sure that your laser engraving on a wedding band is done safely and gives the desired results.

3. Quotes that Connect with You

If you plan to go with a quotation or just your own significant sentence (which is important to both of you) to engrave on your wedding band, just keep it brief, as most bands will only hold up to 30 characters, but the best part is that wedding band engraving is personal and mostly private, so you can even go naughty with such lines.

Religious extracts, common sayings, music lyrics, poetry, or passages from your vows can all be used as short love quotes for ring engraving. We recommend embracing your individuality with something hilarious, like movie quotations, or references to internal jokes. Something to give a smile every time your spouse takes off the ring, isn't that something?

4. Actual Handwriting

Another great way of personalizing wedding bands is to use a laser engraver for the actual handwriting being engraved on such jewelry. This not only gives the feel of extreme personalization but is also unique to both of you. For this, your laser engraver should have ultra-fine and precise laser engraving capabilities.

So, What’s on Your Mind?

We understand that this is a very big decision for a very big day, as selecting this engraving is one of the most personal decisions that the couple has to make. The above four ideas are our favorite wedding band engraving ideas for 2024, and no matter which idea gets your likes, it is extremely important to use a laser engraver that gives solid and reliable results on such expensive jewelry.

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For this, we recommend going with the Ortur LM3 laser engraver with next-generation technology built into a small package. Powered with a 20-watt laser and an ultra-efficient cooling system, this laser print can focus up to square-spot 0.08*0.08mm engraving with support for 380+ colors on steel surfaces. Added accessories from Ortur make it possible to engrave wedding bands and other curved surfaces and is highly recommended for the above-stated wedding band engraving ideas.

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