A Letter From Ortur Founder

The first version of Laser Master 2 Pro Prototype was made in Dec. 2020, but I was asked by an external tester, what's the "Pro" point?

Then, I looking at this prototype, besides the FAC laser module, there was almost only an apparent difference. I shared this question with our engineer team, and everybody was silent.

This question woke everybody up, Laser Master 2 doing very well in the market, then we had become to be a bit complacent and stagnated.

So, till now, 7 versions of Laser Master 2 Pro Prototypes have been made, tested, and improved.

And now, I could tell everybody, there are four "Pro" points at least:

1. Laser Master 2 Pro can support more functions.

This is because the motherboard has been upgraded from the OLM-MAX to the OLM-PRO.
For example, the OLM-PRO motherboard supports new features such as flame detection and emergency stop. It could support more add-ons, such as offline controller, and camera in near future.

2. The Laser Master 2 Pro is more reliable.

Because the 24V circuit system is used, the wires could support higher current, to support the higher power laser modules and more add-ons.

3. Laser Master 2 Pro has a longer service life with faster speed.

Because the mechanical structure has been specifically optimized, it can work stably for a long time at a faster speed, such as 10,000mm/min.

4. The focal point of the LU2-4 laser module is smaller.

Because it is the second-generation FAC laser module, the focal point is about 0.08 * 0.15mm, it is about one-quarter of the first-generation 0.23 * 0.23mm. So it could cut through 3mm plywood and 6mm pine board at one pass.
The higher power dual-diodes laser module is also on the way coming.

And When you receive your “Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro”, please let me know if you have any improvement suggestions, we would keep improving it to be better.

We would be always on the way to make the best diode laser engraver!

The best or nothing

Best regards
Justin Tan