A love story.... From Laser to Leather....

A few weeks ago, by a sunny sunday, we had a clearance day in the city center.

I've been invited to the artist shop where i sell my stuff for a Demo Day.

It was 6Am when i  took place, in the street with my Brand New Ortur Laser Master 3.....

You may read this experience in the other page.... in french :)

I'm here to tell you about a beautifull meeting i had this day.

a couple came to meet me, and we exchanged on what we could use as materials, and more particularly if it was possible to engrave and cut leather.

luckily I had engraved the Ravenclaw house coat of arms for my daughter 😀

that's when they told me their story ....

At the end of October, they will celebrate their 10 years of marriage.      
Both of them love historical reenactments in costume.

He is a descendant of an old family that owns its coat of arms. The Blandins de Chalain

here is Blandins de Chalain's coat of arms

They asked me if I could engrave this coat of arms on the cuffs of the suits they will wear to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary.

They gave me 2 pieces of leather to make some tests.

So I started by redrawing the coat of arms using Lightroom. Then, I made some tests to obtain the desired rendering.
The biggest difficulty was to manage the power of the laser.

Too low : too bad...

Too high : it cuts instead of engraving...

Here is what I did for the bride and groom and their children :

That's how, thanks to my Laser Master 3 from Ortur, I met two people with a beautiful story.
A story of leather and laser.

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