Ortur Mission

Ortur was founded in March 2018 by a group of young engineers, with the purpose of creating a company full of vitality and creativity. The challenges were at the time great, but an open mind was always a motto and there was no fear of the unknown. The team was always willing to make unremitting efforts to make it happen.

Since 2018 Ortur grown significantly. However the commitment of perusing innovation by creative solutions remains unchanged. The team grown exponentially since 2018, with Ortur bringing to its ranks even more creative and talented people from all around the world.

Presently Ortur became a known and reference name in the world of hobby laser engraving. The commitment of expanding and improve the technology of diode laser engravers is one of Ortur's top priorities.

Ortur's mission is to expand and innovate on the world of laser engraving, making its machines safer, faster and specially more affordably for everyone to use.

To help in this mission Ortur created Partnerships with many small manufacturing enterprises, workrooms, artists, engineers and self-employed people bringing to the table a multi verse of experience and fresh new ideas.

However, Ortur mission to innovate on the hobby word will not stop on the Laser Engraving machines. Ortur is expanding its Research & Development efforts, introducing Hobby machines in the realms of CNC machines as well as 3D printing. All lessons learned from each technology development being absorbed by all other platforms, creating this way a homogeneous work flow for the end user.

Ortur's Motto. "Imagine It , Design It, Make it!"