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Arabic Restaurant —— Bakedash

Bakedash is an Arabic restaurant located in Guangzhou. The restaurant specialises in a variety of Middle Eastern desserts, especially hand-hammer ice cream. It's a family-owned business with over 100 years of history.

Owner find that LASER ENGRAVER can realize different needs and brings value to his restaurant. So, he came to contact us via Youtube.

Restaurant Address:
No. 66-7, North Heng Street, Enzhou, Liwan District, Guangzhou, China.

Restaurant Owner and Chef:  Ramez

It is said that people who cook are full of creativity and imagination. The food in his house is not only delicious but also good-looking.

He often makes various patterns on the food. The tableware and plates are also printed with his own restaurant logo and graphics. ORTUR laser engraver can help him to achieve with higher efficiency. We all know that some pattern molds or tableware patterns are to be specially customized, which are expensive and take a long time, but you don't have to worry about these things if you have a laser engraver.

story with Ortur Laser Engraver

Ramez said: "By chance, I saw some bloggers on Youtube doing review video Outur laser engraver, I am very interested, because I can use it to engrave some Arabic patterns and welcome words on food or tableware. DIY by myself I think it's very interesting to come up with some very interesting things to decorate the restaurant.Trust me this is awesome, not only did I carve my food, my cutlery, but I also carve some creative ornaments out of the wood for stitching".

How can you give your shop more personality? ORTUR Can help you!

Use the Ortur laser engraving machine to decorate your store, whether it is tableware, wall hangings, or even food, you can engrave your favorite Logo to deepen the customer's impression of the restaurant brand. We'll help eligible restaurants and give away free laser engraving machine.

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