10W LU2-10A Laser Module for Ortur & Aufero Laser Engraver

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Plug Type: US (110V)
Model: 10W
  • Flash Deal Save $80 for LU2-10A:OA10W
  • With double compression diode technology, it has high precision cutting and engraving.
  • Weighing only 235g, it moves faster and can finish engraving and cutting in a short time.
  • Airflow from top to bottom spray, more to assist in heat dissipation and increase the life.

More Precise Cutting & Engraving

The 4th beam combining technology with double compression spots


Engraving Speed up to 15,000mm/min

Light body only 235g
For engraving same pattern, the speed of 5W laser module can only be 10,000mm/min, but for 10w laser module, it can reach to 15,000mm/min and only comsume 80% power


Stable & Lighter 10W Laser Module

Dual-compression diode technology
The optimized cooling system ensures the stability of the laser modile for long-term operation, No power off due to overheat


12mm Wood Cutting in One-PASS


5mm Acrylic Cutting in One-PASS


Pine Board, Maximum Cutting Thickness 20mm


Acrylic Sheet, Maximum Cutting Thickness 30mm


Air Assist

The 10W laser module has a built-in air-assisted interface for use in cutting situations and is easy to install and simple to use.


Higher Precision

The improved mechanical structure focal spot 0.05x0.1mm
Bring delicate details at 0.01mm

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