Top 9 Cool Things to Make Out of
Wood Using Laser Cutters

This is your feed of the top 10 cool things to make out of wood in the year 2024 if you are looking to use your laser cutter/engraver for this. Read along to learn more.

Wood Meets Laser Beams

And when they meet, magic happens—the real-life one where your creativity flourishes. This sentence is not an exaggeration in any form, as today’s DIY is already showing how much laser technology has transformed the entire industry. Browsing for a few minutes on a small business platform (like Etsy) will give you a realization of how much laser cutters and engravers have made their way into the wood crafts niche.

If you are looking for new ideas and some cool things to make out of wood by using your laser cutters or engravers, then you have come to the right place. Below are the top ten things we think are the coolest things to make using laser beams in 2024.

1. Customized Phone Stands and Holders

Phones are everywhere, and this is where you can catch an opportunity. Laser cutters can be a great tool to make innovative cameras, headphones, and mobile stands with personal engravings as well.

2. Wooden Toys

Yes, we can’t avoid plastic toys for our kids, as they are everywhere and cheap. But as a whole, your kids deserve a special toy crafted with wood and engraved with names. Such toys make a great gift for birthdays as well, where you can engrave birthdates or any other date with a name. We think this is one of the best things to make on our list of cool things to make out of wood this year.

3. Laser-cut Lamps

Every room requires a lamp, and it is boring to see almost every house having the same old and similar-styled lamps with white and black colors. Laser cutters can be used to cut innovative and cool bases for such lamps, which can be later painted and polished to become great lamps. Just pop in some circuitry (ready-made is available on Amazon in DIY sections) and engrave your name with the laser engraver, and you will have something worth placing on your side desk.


4. Engraved Cutting Boards

People are increasingly using natural wood cutting boards nowadays since plastic ones are now found to be bad for health due to the entrance of small plastic particles into food. Why not make a wooden one this year with your laser cutter?

5. Wooden Brooches

One of our favorite cool things to make out of wood is brooches, as they are durable and bring a natural feel to the piece. Etsy is now witnessing an increased trend of wooden brooches on the platform. The wood is a great way to make eco-friendly fashion products, and for such a small process, we recommend using Ortur LM3 laser cutters and engravers, with which you can get fine details and safe engraving thanks to its quick focus stick coupled with an efficient air-blowing and cooling system.

6. Wooden Desk Organizers

Most of us love having wooden desks, and such desks go great with desk organizers as well. Head to Pinterest to get an idea of various designs for such organizers, and use your laser cutter to carve a design that your desk will go great with.


7. Customized Home Key Holders

Let's face it, most of the key holders out there are not great, and the good ones are quite expensive. This year, your keys deserve a nicely built key holder, which can either can be in a design next to a door fixed on a wall or a stand-alone key holder. You can go with hooks for keys and small shelves—anything of your taste with personal engravings.

8. Home Address Signs

The very first impression of your house when someone walks in should be nice, and one of the things that makes this impression is the address sign. Make sure to use a font that is visible from afar.

9. Wooden Signage

Last but not least, are the wooden signs used for business areas like coffee shops, bars, etc. They happen to be the most saturated industry for using laser cutters for such items, and this year are still cool things to make out of wood using laser tech.

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Wrapping up

In summary, remember that the possibilities are as vast as your creativity allows. Each of these projects not only showcases the innovative fusion of wood and technology but also offers a unique touch to everyday items. So, fire up your laser cutter, unleash your imagination, and start crafting these cool things out of wood.

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