Ortur Aufero Z-Height Adjuster for Laser Module Height Adjustment

Sale price$65.99

Model: Z-height Lifting Device(For Ortur & Aufero)
  • Laser module lifting device.
  • More convenient to adjust the focal length of the laser module.
  • Ortur for Ortur laser engraving machines, Aufero for Aufero laser engraving machines.
  • The Z-height adjuster enjoys a 30-day return guarantee and a one-year warranty.

Main Features

Lift the laser module by twisting the knob, easy to adjust the focal length.
Large Lead The knob can travel 8mm in one turn.


Reason for Choice Compared with the Standard Version

Adjustable Damping Use the Allen wrench to adjust the machine screw, you can adjust the tightness of the knob rotation.


More Convenient and Practical

Lengthen the moving range of the laser module in the z-axis direction, can engrave thicker material.


All Aluminum Alloy

One-piece structure, more robust and reliable

Assembly Manual of Optional Parts -axis Lifting Device