How to Make Stickers to Sell by
Using Laser Engravers

Searching for how to make stickers to sell on an e-commerce website using laser engravers and cutters? If yes, then this article is for you, as we explain everything in detail.

  • Introduction
  • Stickers: Sticky Paper X Laser’s Precise Cutting
  • Using a Laser Engraver to Make Stickers:
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Stickers are fun; they always have been, and with the rise of e-commerce and small businesses, many people are turning to open sticker shops and searching online for how to make stickers to sell. They can also be made with high precision with the help of laser engravers. In this article, we cover the basics and also the use of the Ortur LM3 laser engraver for sticker making.

Stickers: Sticky Paper X Laser’s Precise Cutting

Laser engravers use a focused beam of light to cut or engrave materials with precision. For sticker making, the versatility of laser engravers allows for intricate designs and high-quality cuts that traditional methods may struggle to achieve. Here’s what you need to get started:

  • A capable laser cutter and engraver suitable for cutting, wood, steel sheets, and paper for stickers like the Ortur LM3.
  • Get some sticker sheets or vinyl suitable for the sticker base.
  • Recommended for LM3 is Inspiraesththe, but you can also go with Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW.
  • Always wear safety gear!
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Using a Laser Engraver to Make Stickers

Once you are all set, follow the instructions to learn how to make stickers to sell in a few minutes using your laser cutter:

1. Make (or get) a Great Design

Obvious it is, start by creating a sticker design which you can do by using vector graphic software. This step is very crucial, as it defines the final look of your stickers so you better be creative here.

2. Preparing the Material

Place the material on the LM3 engraver’s bed, making sure it is flat and properly aligned. We assumed that you had chosen high-quality sticker sheets or vinyl suitable for laser cutting. If the sticker sheet is too long, check out the extender for the LM3 work area available as an accessory.

3. Import the Design

For that, you have to use the LM3 software or any other third-party suite. Adjust the settings for speed, power, and frequency to match the material you are using. For stickers, you’ll typically use lower power settings to avoid cutting through the backing paper.

4. Start Engraving and Cutting

Once all is set, initiate the engraving process. The LMSs four laser beams will follow the design, cutting through the sticker material with extreme precision thanks to its “quick focus stick”.

5.The Final Touch

Once the engraving and cutting are complete, carefully remove the stickers from the laser bed and time take some product pictures.

We Recommend

  • Always do a test cut on a small area of the material with the intention of confirming that the right settings have been adjusted for stickers.
  • Essentially, the characteristics of the materials vary according to how they are affected by the laser cutting. Try different types to figure out which type works best.
  • Although LM3 is low-maintenance hardware, it is always advisable to monitor and, once in a while, clean it to enhance its operating life.

Even today, there are so many models of laser cutters and engravers on the market, but the Ortur Laser Master 3 is ranked among the top due to its slick features and durability. For stickers, especially detailed ones, it is an excellent tool because it increases the precision and speed of the cutting process. Four 5-watt lasers operating simultaneously with the most optimized cooling system is a highlight, guaranteeing your sitckers’ impeccable production without endangering the clients’ safety.

By using the Ortur Laser Master 3, one can design different types of stickers, right from waterproof stickers like vinyl stickers that are usually ideal for outside use to advertising materials. Increased market demand is identified for custom-shaped stickers because they are suitable for branding and are perfect for gifting. Another product that you can make is celestial and clear stickers.

Now you know how to make stickers to sell with laser cutters and engravers such as the Ortur LM3 which lets you create stickers that are unique in the market, correspond to customers’ demand, and expand the creative portfolio. Theart of stickers is best displayed on Etsy or if you wish to have your own website at Shopify, both platforms are great for selling them.


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