Ortur Laser gravur Material Kit(49pcs)
Ortur Laser gravur Material Kit(49pcs)

    Ortur Laser gravur Material Kit(49pcs)

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    • Ein unverzicht tes Material paket mit 9 Materialien für Heimwerker artikel, insgesamt 49 Stück.
    • Genießen Sie dieses Kit, Sie können den unendlichen Spaß der Schöpfung spüren und alles erstellen, was Sie wollen.
    • Paket liste: 10 * Kratz papier, 10 * Laser-Farb papier, 10 * bunte Visitenkarten, 5 * bunte Hunde anhänger, 5 * Kette, 3*3mm Dichte brett, 3*3mm Sperrholz, 2 * Foto rahmen, 1 * Holz aufkleber

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    Takes paint and stain well.

    You’ll find our birch plywood easy to work with. It has a light and uniform color that’s easily matched to your ideal shade.

    Smooth and thick face veneer

    You’ll watch your laser cutters and CNC routers glide smoothly on the wood.

    Easy to work with.

    Cuts cleanly so even the most intricate and delicate project can look gorgeous.

    Cut in the U.S.A.

    Our hardwood plywood sheets are grown in the snowy forests of the Baltics and are prepared in our New Jersey woodshop.

    Packaged with care.

    Nicely packaged because we want you to receive your plywood sheets in the same condition they are when they leave our woodshop.

    Cut along the (pretty) grain

    We know a uniform and attractive grain is important for woodworkers (like us!), and that’s exactly what our plywood has.

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