Relationship between Aufero & Ortur

Aufero is the official sub-brand of Ortur Laser Engraver, which is focus on portable diode laser engravers for everyone like makers, DIYers, small businesses, workshops, artists, engineers, and self-employed workers to create artworks and improve their efficiency. 

Aufero's Technical Advantages

Aufero was born for novice users of engraving machines, ORTUR launched the sub-brand Aufero and its first product

As a well-deserved head brand in the engraving machine industry, the mid-to-high-end laser engraving machine produced by ORTUR has been loved by many laser engraving enthusiasts, especially the Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro released this year. Its outstanding and stable performance has been widely used by many small manufacturers. High praise from companies, studios, artists and engineers.

Therefore, in order to serve more novice users, ORTUR recently released Aufero as a sub-brand of its entry-level engraving machine. 

While continuing ORTUR’s leading technology, models of this sub-brand bring lower prices and simpler thresholds for use.For example, the Aufero Laser 1 is the plug-and-play Aufero Laser 1.

Ultra-low price, plug and play

If you are a novice who is ready to try laser engraving machine, then Aufero Laser 1 may be your best choice. Unlike products priced at more than US$400, it costs only US$199, which is also available for beginners with low budgets.

In addition to the lower price, its installation is also quite convenient. Normally, after receiving the engraving machine, a slightly complicated installation is required before it can be used normally (normally it takes more than 30 minutes to install and several hours or even days of debugging), but due to the use of Pre-asseblemed packaging, Aufero Laser The installation of 1 is much more convenient, plug and play, and all installation and debugging work can be done within a few minutes after receipt! Novice Xiaobai can also buy and use it with confidence.

Leapfrog performance, easy to get started

However, the entry-level positioning does not affect its professional-level performance. You know, ORTUR's engraving machine technology can be described as the most high-end and most advanced in the industry, and Aufero, which inherits ORTUR technology, is naturally outstanding in performance.

Aufero Laser 1 is equipped with ORTUR's latest OLM-PRO-V1.2 motherboard. This is the latest ninth generation motherboard of ORTUR. Compared with the previous generation motherboard, the speed is increased by 10%, the movement is smoother and delicate, and the engraving accuracy is higher. With the most advanced OLF-180 series firmware in the industry, the grayscale is enhanced. The engraving effect (the grayscale engraving effect has been greatly enchanced), which can engrave the figures in the photo realistically, and its performance is not only far better than other engraving machines at the same price, even if it is comparable to other new brands of engraving machines at higher prices. The contrast is not inferior.

At the same time, its software and hardware compatibility is also very good, the machine can directly work without driver (win7 and win xp do not support driver-free work), but also compatible with various mature engraving software, such as LaserGRBL, LightBurn. So, no matter what operating system you are using, or all kinds of engraving software, you can buy it with confidence and realize easy use.

Various needs, one to meet

Specific to actual use, Aufero Laser 1 can engrave objects up to 180x180mm. At the same time, Aufero also provides three laser plugs to meet different engraving needs. One host can be adapted to three types of laser plugs, which can also complete various engraving tasks at a low budget. Specifically, the three laser plugs are:

1. Option 1-LU2-2 Laser Module: Fixed focus laser module, smaller luminous cavity, smaller focal spot. LU2-2 Laser Module is more suitable for engraving high-precision patterns, but the speed will not be very fast, and it is not very suitable for cutting.

This laser plug features high-precision patterns and is suitable for materials with low hardness. You can use it to engrave your favorite patterns on the phone case, engrave unique text on bread/steak, use wood instead of paper photos to engrave photos, use paper to easily complete "paper-cutting" paintings, and use leather on wallets, belts, etc. Print your own unique logo and so on on the product, you can use your creativity at will.

2. Option 2-LU2-4-SF: Short focus, smaller focal spot, high laser energy density. While having good cutting ability, it is more suitable for engraving materials with higher hardness, such as stainless steel, and the speed is also faster.

This laser module has good cutting performance, but it has better engraving performance and is suitable for materials with higher hardness, such as glass, stone, ceramics, stainless steel and so on. For example, you can engrave a commemorative pattern on transparent glass to make a beautiful artwork for your friends; you can also engrave a personalized image on a small stone slab, which is also a good-looking decoration at home; If you are a shopkeeper, you can also engrave a small piece of ceramics on your shop’s logo and give it to your patrons; even, you can also engrave your own business card information on the stainless steel sheet, making it the most unique Durable business cards.

3. Option 3-LU2-4-LF: Long focus.Longer Depth of Field. It has a good engraving effect and is more suitable for cutting thicker wood boards. With air assit, it is not easy to have black edges, but you need to bring your own air compressor While this laser module has a good engraving effect, it also has a more perfect cutting effect. You can use some beautiful wood planks with your own individual design to cut them into various forms of art; of course, in addition to wood planks, it also supports a variety of materials such as leather and black acrylic. It can also Cut these materials into the shape you want, and engrave your pattern design. In short, you can give full play to your creativity and Aufero Laser 1 will do the rest.

Multiple protection, worry-free after-


For novices, security is also a very important part. To this end, Aufero Laser 1 has designed a 4-fold safety protection system. First, the laser position protection function (Active Position Protection). When the laser engraving machine is moved horizontally/vertically when it is working, it will automatically stop the work of the laser head to protect the user. This anti-collision technology ORTUR was developed as early as 2019. Compared with the anti-collision technology that other brands just released this year, it is obviously more mature and complete.

Second, the laser watchdog (Laser Beam Safety Watchdog). When there is a bug in the machine, or there is a problem of poor USB connection between the machine and the computer, in order to prevent the laser module from being out of control and causing a fire hazard, the laser watchdog will be activated to stop the laser module from outputting laser.

Third, exposure duration detection and limitation (Exposure Duration Detection and Limitation). If you pour a coffee or answer a phone call in the middle of adjusting the laser power, the machine will automatically stop working to prevent any potential safety hazards if the machine is not issued an instruction within 30 seconds.

Fourth, the Safe Power Control System (Safe Power Control System). When the engraving machine is softly shut down, the main board will cut off the current output to the laser module to avoid any hidden dangers. Imagine that when you finish using it, you don't need to manually unplug it. After shutting down, the machine will automatically stop power supply and the laser will stop working. Therefore, if you are an inexperienced novice, the meticulous security protection design may bring you more security.

In addition, in addition to meticulous security protection considerations, the R&D team has also thoroughly considered some other areas that may improve the user experience. For example, Aufero Laser 1 comes with a protective goggles, you don't need to wear goggles when you use it, you can observe the progress of laser engraving at any time.

hat's more reassuring is Aufero's comprehensive after-sales support. Any questions you have during use can be answered within 7 days. In the next six months, it will strive to achieve rapid feedback within 24 hours. In short, whether you are a novice Xiaobai who is buying an engraving machine for the first time, or an experienced sculptor, Aufero's perfect safety protection and fast-responding after-sales service are the reasons for you to buy with confidence.

Summary: cost-effective, first choice 

for entry

Undoubtedly, in addition to the engraving experts, there are more amateurs who also hope to have a laser engraving machine that can be DIY creation at will to achieve their own personalized creativity, but regardless of the price or the threshold of use, the market Most of the above engraving machines appear to be too "professional".

This is also the reason why ORTUR established the Aufero brand independently. In fact, before the founding of Aufero, ORTUR received positive feedback from many users relying on many of its star products, which also contained a lot of significant stories: a coffee shop owner used ORTUR laser engraving machine to make personalized advertisements. It is well-known among customers in the city; a French wine estate owner used an ORTUR laser engraving machine to engrave his own memory of each barrel of wine; a Hollywood filmmaker used an ORTUR laser engraving machine to customize his team behind the scenes A unique electric guitar souvenir; there is even an Italian gentleman who successfully proposed to his girlfriend with a steak engraved "Marry me" in a restaurant. The beautiful memories brought by these sculptors one after another have become the source of motivation for ORTUR to promote the development of the semiconductor laser engraving industry.

For Aufero, which continues ORTUR's top technology and is born powerful, its ultra-low price, leapfrog performance, thoughtful security protection and worry-free after-sales experience... all mean that it will be more Many ordinary creators create good value and more stories. If you are a newcomer to an engraving machine for the first time, with a low budget, and want to choose a device with outstanding performance, stability and reliability, and easy to use, then this Aufero Laser 1 from ORTUR must be yours. the best choice.