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Why Buying a Laser Engraver

Why Buying a Laser Engraver

What is a laser engraver?

Laser engraving machines use lasers to cut and engrave all types of designs and patterns. Depending on the material, set different parameters to create the design.

The most commonly used materials are wood, metal, tinted glass, aluminium fibre or acrylic. This amazing technology is credited to Kumar Patel, who created the first CO2 laser in 1963. Although known as engravers, modern lasers are used to engrave, cut and mark materials.


Reasons to buy a laser engraver

Do something different to make your life interesting. For example, use an advanced laser engraving machine to engrave your ideas and create interesting memories. Whether you are an entrepreneur, an office worker or a student, the laser engraver will definitely bring you unprecedented fun and even wealth.

You can imagine, when you see some exquisite cutting or carving crafts on the Internet or in the market, Want to add some of your own creativity to try it out? At this moment, the laser engraver can meet the needs. It can not only save time, avoid the risk of damage and accidents, but also make a variety of modern crafts and works of art according to different materials. (such as exquisite jewelry, wood carvings and surprise gifts, etc.)

If you are a businessman, buying an ortur laser engraver is to meet purpose of making money, then we suggest that you should choose a more professional laser engraving machine, such as ortur Laser Master 2 Pro S2. In terms of output power, engraving speed and engraving area, it is undoubtedly the best choice. Matching some accessories can help you to achieve more beautiful finished products in different kinds of materials.

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can choose a relatively cheaper laser engraver, such as Aufero laser 1. It is affordable, friendly to beginners, and easy to use and portable. Aufero laser 1 does not require complicated installation, just plug and play. As long as you spend a little time on the parameter settings, you can also make a good work.


Knowledge of carving materials and machines

①On the engraving material

Your choice of machine will directly affect your choice of engraving materials. As you may know, not every laser engraver can engrave on different volumes and materials. For example, you have purchased an ortur machine and you want to engrave on the cup. At this time, you need its accessory YRR2.0 to realize the engraving on the cup; for engraving materials, common engraving materials are wood, acrylic, paper , leather, organic plastics, silver, copper, gold, steel and polystyrene sheets, etc. But hard metals require high power to laser, while other soft materials can be engraved by low power laser engravers to produce complex designs. Therefore, you must choose a laser engraver model that can meet most engraving requirements.

②Parts replacement and installation

When choosing a laser engraving machine, it is best to be familiar with the installation process and availability of parts. Choosing an engraving opportunity that is easy to replace and install and has a warranty will make you do more with less, so ortur is one of your best choices.

③Maintenance and safety

In the maintenance of the laser engraving machine, your wrong choice will definitely bring you some extra costs. When you choose some unbranded machines because of cheapness, you cannot guarantee that the brand experts and companies will recycle and maintain your machine after the machine is damaged, or such machine repair process may be limited to specific locations and countries. At this time, you will find that it is the best choice to prepare a reasonable laser engraving machine that is guaranteed and easy to install, maintain and repair. At least you can find a branded company to provide you with technical support and repair services.

Always look for laser engravers that offer safety certifications such as CE, FDA, FCC, ROW, HS, IEC and CDRH. This is to ensure you are at the lowest risk, and of course ortur has these safety certifications.

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