Ortur Air Pump for LU3-20A & LU2-10A & LU2-4 LF (OAP1.0)

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Plug Type: US (110V)
  • Air Output: 50L/Min.
  • Used to clean the smoke and cutting residue generated and to obtain clean and clear edges.
  • Improves cutting power and better protects the laser lens.
  • Applicable with Ortur LU2-4 LF & LU2-10A & LU3-20A&B laser module.


Ortur AIR PUMP 1.0

The Ortur air pump has an air flow of 50L/Min, which can blow away the fumes and cytting residues produced by the laser cutting or engraving machine when it is working, effectively improving the engraving and cutting performance of the machine.

Why Air Assist Set?


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