Ortur Laser Master H10 Gravur & Schneide maschine 20.000 mm/min 20W

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Steckertyp: US (110V)
Modell: 20W (mit freier Luftpumpe)
Bündel: Basic
  • Vormontiert Desktop-Graveur für Ihre Bequemlichkeit konzipiert.
  • X-Achse kreativ platt machen Konstruktion, um eine hohe Stabilität zu erreichen.
  • 20W Super leistung mit freier Luftpumpe.
  • 0,01 Gravur Präzision Für 256 Graustufen und 380 Farben Gravur.
  • Verwenden Sie die APP von Ortur, um intelligentes Gravieren und Schneiden zu starten.
  • 6 Sicherheits monitore begleiten Sie während des gesamten Arbeits prozesses.
  • Die Gravur fläche von 300*300mm ist für den Desktop geeignet und leicht zu tragen.

Ortur Laser Master H10

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Truly Measurable 20W Output

Powerful laser cutter composed with 4 diode lasers.

What One-Pass Cutting Can Do

12mm Pine Cutting

8mm Plywood Cutting

8mm Black Acrylic Cutting

Right Out of the Box

Quickly start your engraving journey.

Revolutionary Flat Type X-axis Design

Low center of gravity provides stunning stability at high speeds.

Industry Leading 0.01 mm Engraving Precision

Extremely fine engraved lines without fear to magnify any detail.

From Black & White to 380+ Colors

Use different parameters to bring different colors to stainless steel.

Accessory Compatibility

Comprehensive Air Assist Solution

Built-in air tube with 40L/min free air assist reduce burn marks by 50%.

256 Effective Grayscale Variations

Make your images transition naturally and more realistically.

Let's Dig Into More Details

Adjustable Limit Switch

Providing a more cost-effective upgrade solution for our loyal users.

Wire & Module Integration

Maintains stable laser output while extending module life.

Double Cooling Fans

10,000 rpm dual fan cooling system ensures up to 10,000 hours service life.

Airflow Guided Blinds

Air-guided blind with built-in air tube enables self-cleaning inside module.

Quick Focus Stick

Equipped with quick focus stick for easy and convenient focus.

Laser Filtered Viewable Window

Glass laser shield filters 97% laser light for a safe working environment.

Multiple Software Options To Match Your Needs

Laser Explorer offers a simple or professional mode selection for your every engraving stage.

Laser Explorer

Ortur's self-developed App for both novice and veteran.


Paid but advanced, giving you a customized experience.



Free and simple, meets most of your basic needs.

6 Reliable Monitoring Systems

Motherboard Program Monitoring

USB Connection Monitoring

Current and Voltage Monitoring

Laser Exposure Monitoring

Active Position Protection

Sloping Position Protection


Product Specification

Laser Engraver

Ortur Laser Master 3

Ortur Laser Master H10

Laser Module



Focal Spot



Maximum speed



Working Area



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