Chuck rotatif de l'axe y-y-ar pour graveur laser (YRC1.0)

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  • Mandrin rotatif multi-mode axe Y.
  • L'angle d'élévation peut être ajusté à 180 °, pivoter à 360 ° sans démontage.
  • Peut être utilisé pour des bagues, des tasses avec des poignées ou des articles irréguliers, etc.
  • Précision de gravure 0,45 °, plage de diamètre de gravure jusqu'à 120mm.
  • Matériau en alliage d'aluminium, structure monobloc.
  • Facile à installer, robuste et fiable.

Multi-mode Function

Ortur Y-axis rotary chuck can not only be used for chuck rotary and ring rotary, but also sphere rotary. Multiple modes can use more than 90% cylindrical and even irregular objects to meet all your needs.

Adjustable Stable Design

One-piece frame structure design, the engraving speed can still maintain ultra-high precision and stability at 360°/sec. It supports 180° angle adjustment and 360° rotation engraving of various beverage cans, baseballs, goblets, wine bottles, and other cylindrical and irregular items.

Adjusted Diameter

Extend and shrink the size that you want by scrolling the chuck or assemble the jaw on different holes. Ortur Y-axis rotary chuck engraving diameter range is 1 to 120mm, Sphere is 25 to 150mm and the ring is 11 to 100mm, can use your creativity on most cylindrical objects.

Connecting the Machine

No installation required, easy to use, direct power supply and control through the laser engraver.