Ortur Enclosure 2.0 for All Laser Engraving Machines

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  • Fiber material, fire retardant.
  • Easy to fold and quick assembly.
  • Compatible with Inspiraesth APP, direct control of light switch and fan switch button.
  • For All Ortur & Aufero Laser Engraver, but can not put in with extension kit.
Ortur Enclosure 2.0-seo-1.0

Compatible with Machines of Different Sizes

Health Protection

Ortur Enclosure 2.0-seo-1.2

Isolating 99% of the dust particles, odors,
and noise during the cutting and engraving process.

Ortur Enclosure 2.0-seo-1.3

View Window
Convenient to observe the whole process

Ortur Enclosure 2.0-seo-1.4

Flame-proof, Waterproof and Dustproof

Fire retardant, waterproof and dustproof

Ortur Enclosure 2.0-seo-1.5

Lighting Device

6W-LED lamp lighting

Ortur Enclosure 2.0-seo-1.6

Smoke Exhaust Device

Exhaust fan with large air volume, combining with the smoke exhaust pipe which can discharge the odor dust outside

Ortur Enclosure 2.0-seo-1.7

Put the Machine into the Enclosure

Example with Ortur Laser Master 3

Product Specification

Product Name

Ortur Enclosure 2.0

Product Size




Folded Size


Gross Weight
  • Body Enclosure: 2.9KG
  • Accessory Enclosure: 0.7KG