Ortur YRR 2.0 Rotary Roller for Cylinder Engraving

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  • For cylindrical objects engraving, can satisfy daily carving needs.
  • Width adjustment: 7 gear positions for different diameters of cylinder objects.
  • Compatible with Ortur & Aufero laser engraving machines.

Works Better with Ortur Laser Master 3 and Ortur Foldable Feet

With Ortur Laser Master 3 and ortur foldable feet, there is no need to find suitable support objects by yourself.

Easier to Engrave Goblets

There is a bracket to hold the stem of the goblet better and prevent it from falling.

Adjustable Width

7 gear positions for different diameters of cylinder objects.

Method of Application of the Y-Axis Rotary Roller

The laser spot should be aligned with the apex of the cylinder object. Please use the laserGRBL To control this Y axis rotary roller.

Connecting the Machine

No installation required, easy to use, direct power supply and control through the laser engraver.


Product Specification

Product Name

Ortur Y-axis Rotary Roller 2.0

Product Size


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Aluminum+Acrylic+Motor+Timing Belt