Ortur Laser Master H10 Engraving & Cutting Machine 20,000mm/min 20W

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Plug Type: US (110V)
Model: 20W(with Free Air Pump)
Bundles: Basic
  • Get $220 off for H10: 220H10
  • Beginner's first 20W Smart Desktop Engraver, start creating anytime, anywhere.
  • Preassembled engraver designed for your convenience.
  • Creative flatten X-axis construction to achieve high stability.
  • 20W super power with free air pump.
  • 0.01 engraving precision for 256 grayscale and 380+ colours engraving.
  • Use Ortur's APP start smart engraving & cutting.
  • 6 safety monitors accompany you throughout the working process.
  • 300*300mm engraving area suitable for desktop use and easy to carry outside.

    Ortur Laser Master H10

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    Ortur Laser Master H10 20W
    Ortur H10 Beginner's first 20W Smart Desktop Engraver

    Truly Measurable 20W Output

    Powerful laser cutter composed with 4 diode lasers.

    Ortur H10 Truly Measurable 20W Output

    What One-Pass Cutting Can Do

    Ortur H10 One-Pass 12mm Pine Cutting

    12mm Pine Cutting

    Ortur H10 One-Pass 8mm Plywood Cutting

    8mm Plywood Cutting

    Ortur H10 One-Pass 8mm Black Acrylic Cutting

    8mm Black Acrylic Cutting

    Ortur H10 Right Out of the Box

    Right Out of the Box

    Quickly start your engraving journey.

    Ortur H10 Revolutionary Flat Type X-axis Design

    Revolutionary Flat Type X-axis Design

    Low center of gravity provides stunning stability at high speeds.

    Ortur H10 Industry Leading 0.01 mm Engraving Precision

    Industry Leading 0.01 mm Engraving Precision

    Extremely fine engraved lines without fear to magnify any detail.

    Ortur H10 From Black & White to 380+ Colors

    From Black & White to 380+ Colors

    Use different parameters to bring different colors to stainless steel.

    Accessory Compatibility

    Comprehensive Air Assist Solution

    Built-in air tube with 40L/min free air assist reduce burn marks by 50%.

    Ortur H10 Comprehensive Air Assist Solution

    256 Effective Grayscale Variations

    Make your images transition naturally and more realistically.

    Ortur H10 256 Effective Grayscale Variations

    Let's Dig Into More Details

    Adjustable Limit Switch

    Providing a more cost-effective upgrade solution for our loyal users.

    Wire & Module Integration

    Maintains stable laser output while extending module life.

    Ortur H10 Double Cooling Fans

    Double Cooling Fans

    10,000 rpm dual fan cooling system ensures up to 10,000 hours service life.

    Ortur H10 Airflow Guided Blinds

    Airflow Guided Blinds

    Air-guided blind with built-in air tube enables self-cleaning inside module.

    Ortur H10 Quick Focus Stick

    Quick Focus Stick

    Equipped with quick focus stick for easy and convenient focus.

    Ortur H10 Laser Filtered Viewable Window

    Laser Filtered Viewable Window

    Glass laser shield filters 97% laser light for a safe working environment.

    Multiple Software Options To Match Your Needs

    Inspiraesth offers a simple or professional mode selection for your every engraving stage.

    OLM3 All Levels Compatible with Your Creativity


    Ortur's self-developed App for both novice and veteran.



    Paid but advanced, giving you a customized experience.



    Free and simple, meets most of your basic needs.

    6 Reliable Monitoring Systems

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    Ortur H10 6 Reliable Monitoring Systems
    Ortur H10 Motherboard Program Monitoring

    Motherboard Program Monitoring

    Ortur H10 USB Connection Monitoring

    USB Connection Monitoring

    Ortur H10 Current and Voltage Monitoring

    Current and Voltage Monitoring

    Ortur H10 Laser Exposure Monitoring

    Laser Exposure Monitoring

    Ortur H10 Active Position Protection

    Active Position Protection

    Ortur H10 Sloping Position Protection

    Sloping Position Protection


    Product Specification

    Laser Engraver

    Ortur Laser Master 3

    Ortur Laser Master H10

    Laser Module



    Focal Spot



    Maximum speed



    Working Area



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