Ortur Raiser Purpose For Ortur Laser Master H10 Engraver (ORP1.0)

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  • Only available for the Ortur Laser Master H10.
  • Screw in, fast mounting and firm.
  • Freely stackable, suitable for Y-series rollers.
  • Allows creation on thicker objects.

Stable Screw-in Construction

· Good for high-speed creations
· Individual mounting dimensions: 40mm(1.57inch)
· Maximum size up to 120mm(4.72inch)

Anti-Slip Pads on Every Level

No need to worry about combination order

Product Size

Individual height dimension: 50mm(1.96inch)

Maximum Engraving Diameter of Different Layers

With YRR2.0/YRR3.0/YRC1.0

Freely Adaptable to All Y-Series Rollers

Enjoy ariety in your creations